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Hello telenovela lovers! Today Latinalova will give you the information about Por Siempre mi Amor, a Mexican telenovela produced by Ignacio Sada Madero for Televisa. It is a remake of Mi Segunda Madre, produced by Juan Osorio in 1990.  

Por Siempre mi Amor (International Title:Forever Yours) is a melodrama starring the International actor Guy Ecker and the actress Susana González, who will represent a love story full of intrigue.

Guy Ecker, will star in this new soap opera of the producer Ignacio Sada Madero, who in his new role will star as an architect named Arturo De la Riva, who at the start of the soap opera will widow and face the situation that he has a 9 year old daughter, and the fear of not knowing what to do with his life or if he will rediscover love again.

The actress Susana Gonzalez will be his partner in the novel with who she participated in "wounds of love" (heridas de amor), last soap opera produced in Mexico, and with the actress Dominika Paleta who will be a very beautiful bad villain, accompanying the cast, Anna Marti, Marta Julia, and Alejandro Ruiz.

On June 24, 2013, it was confirmed that Susana González and Guy Ecker would star as the protagonists. Dominika Paleta and Héctor Suárez Gomís star as the antagonists.

As of October 7, 2013, Canal de las Estrellas is broadcasting Por Siempre mi Amor, replacing Corazón Indomable. 


Isabel Lopéz Cerdan (Susana González) is an interior designer and homemaker art. She loves her husband, Fernando Cordova (Hector Suarez Gomis), but appears that he has another wife - Andrea Gutiérrez (Gabriela Platas) and 2 children. In addition, he is a thief who constantly steals money from Isabel. Finally she finds out and reports him to the police. He is sent to jail and swears that he will avenge when he gets out. At the same time, a tragedy occurs in the family of Arturo de la Riva (Guy Ecker), his wife, Eugenia Arenas dies unexpectedly. Sonia (Dominika Paleta) her cousin, who is secretly in love with Arturo secretly exchanged her drugs to stay with Arthur. Arturo 9 year daughter, Aranza (Thelma Madrigal), suffers a lot from her mother's death. 

After some time, Juan Arturo and Isabel go on vacation on the same cruise ship to have some fun and forget about their misfortunes. They meet each other, fall in love and shortly after get married. Aranza refuses to accept Isabel as her new mother. Isabel got pregnant, but Sonia, arranges a car accident in which Isabel looses her child and cannot have any more kids. She is broken apart and is on the verge of a suicide, but Aranza helps her to go ahead with her life and finally calls her "Mom". Life seems to return back to normal, but years later the past returns back to their happy family - Fernando gets out of jail.

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